Nursing Assistant Training Academy Inc

Nursing Assistant Training Academy offers in class,

continue education courses for CNA/HHA renewal


  • For each two-year period of certification, CNA’s are required to obtain 48 hours of in-service or continuing education
  • They must complete at least 12 CEU’s the first year; the remaining 36 credits may be taken the second year.
  • CNA’S may take 24 of the 48 CEU’s online by an approved online computer training program. The remaining 24hrs must be an approved classroom training program.
  • In addition to the CEUs, CNA must work at least 8 hours in the 2 year period.
  • CNA’s are required to keep a written, cumulative list of the in-service/continuing education hours they complete for four years.
  • CNA’s are not required to submit those hours at the time of renewal; however, if ATCS asks for this list and a CNA cannot produce it, his or her certificate becomes inactive until he/she can verify the hours certified in his/her application for renewal.


  • HHAs Must obtain 24 hours of In-Service Training/CEUs within the certification period. Twelve of the twenty-four hours are required in each year of the two-year certification period (HHAs may not use online CEUs to meet the requirement)


$50 FOR 8 HOURS (Make payments a day before the first day of class. Bring in your CNA certification, ID card and Socials)