Nursing Assistant Training Academy Inc


Sarah Rousey -

Through this program, I learned more than just medical terminology and proper procedures of care. I learned that as a CNA, you witness people when they’re most vulnerable and you gain their trust with your compassion. I love the idea that as a CNA, my job matters. It helps to know that your residents/patients NEED you and that your presence makes a big difference in their day. The bonds created between you and your patients make the stressful and messy aspects of the job so worth it. This program offers you experiences that will challenge you and have a tangible impact on your life. I couldn’t have experienced such a fulfilling job if it wasn’t for this program. 

Ariane Kinman -

Thank you so much, Nursing Assistant Training Academy! There's an ideal that many companies use in which they say everyone becomes a family in school settings and similar programs, but I've never found it to be true — until now. I'll be honest, I'm generally that one awkward loner who never interacts with anyone else in social settings, due to my anxiety and depression. However, for me, I really did find friends in this program. Everyone cares about one another and the teachers work extra hard to help us succeed. I cannot stop recommending Nursing Assistant Training Academy of Fresno!